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We offer a full range of reconditioned forklift machinery including a support programme if you are having items that are in need of reconditioning yourself – an excellent money saver!

We give warranties of up to one year on all machines and our customers range from the single machine small unit new start business, to the rapidly expanding Big Yellow Self Storage Company where you will find one of our refurbished machines in every one of their storage depots.  Similarly with Clear Channel the billboard poster people our refurbished trucks are working in their centres up and down the country.

Acclaim Handling have a wide range of reconditioned used forklifts.  Please click here to view Acclaim’s used forklift stocklist which is updated daily.

Acclaim’s extensive range of used forklifts includes LP Gas, Diesel & Electric powered counterbalance forklift trucks, warehouse equipment and manual handling equipment.

For more information on reconditioned equipment please contact us.


Recondition Forklift Before and After GIF