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Could Virtual Reality be the future of Forklift Training?

Posted on 30 October 2020

Could Virtual Reality be the future of Forklift Training?



As virtual reality becomes more common in our personal lives, it may also become common in our professional lives, Virtual reality forklift training is a new and exciting development for the materials handling industry. There isn’t a single company on the planet using materials handling equipment that can survive without well-trained operators.


Can virtual reality provide the quality of training required to safely operate a forklift?


At the moment; legally, no. but we may be closer than you think…


Some large businesses have partnered up with VR and Software companies to create virtual training environments for their employees. One example would be UPS using VR headsets to train their new employees on how to drive their delivery trucks.


A potential benefit to using VR simulations for forklift training is health and safety. When first learning how to drive forklifts trucks, people can make mistakes, sometimes these can be costly and even dangerous. Having these mistakes made in a virtual environment would take away the risk and potential danger. If you drop a pallet of expensive goods or reverse into racking, it wouldn't cost a penny, as none of it is real! You can simply do it over and over again until you master the craft materials handling.


Take a look at this virtual reality forklift software, currently under development:



Another benefit to using VR to train forklift operators could be the convenience, You can simply hop into a VR simulator and practice how to operate a forklift or reach truck at any time of day, and from any location, you could even do this from home with your pyjamas on.


Forklift Training Software could be used not just to train employees, but also to test someone’s abilities in a risk-free environment during the recruitment process.


As interesting and exciting as VR Forklift training programs are, the fact is that nothing can beat real hands-on experience.


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