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Forklift Repairs & Maintenance - Who Can I Trust?

Posted on 13 November 2019

Forklift Repairs & Maintenance - Who Can I Trust?


Forklifts and manual handing equipment are an integral part of many businesses. Having any equipment temporarily not working can bring the whole operation to a standstill, especially for smaller businesses that rely on only one or two forklifts.


Forklifts which have been "bodged" and had corners cut during maintenance/repairs can be very dangerous. Forklift accidents happen across the world every day. Advances in technology and Health and Safety practices help reduce the amount of accidents greatly. Accidents can be caused by failed or "Bodged" repairs, especially on integral parts such as the braking or lifting systems. These kinds of accidents are entirely avoidable by ensuring that your forklift is repaired to a professional high-quality standard without cutting corners, settling for anything less can be outright dangerous. Statistics show that Forklift accidents account for 10% of all physical injuries in the workplace


While we can't promise accidents won't happen due to miscellaneous external factors, we do our upmost to eliminate accidents caused by machinery faults with our Expert Engineering Maintenance, and those caused by human error with our intensive top of the range Driver and Instructor training courses. We also ensure that customers are supplied with the right equipment for the right application.    


Equipment unexpectedly breaking can be incredibly detrimental to your business.


Not only will having your forklift professionally repaired and maintained by experts reduce the danger of accidents, it will also greatly improve the lifespan of your equipment, saving you money in the long term.


Everybody wants their forklifts and manual handling equipment to be running well all of the time, not having to worry about the equipment breaking down unexpectedly, sometimes shortly after having "bodged" repairs performed by someone other than trusted industry professionals. Having your equipment repaired by industry professionals gives you a much stronger sense of security that your truck will continuously run well, all day, every day.


Save Money, Save time, Save Hassle.  


Here at Acclaim Handling, we understand forklifts. it's been the backbone of our business for the last four decades. There is not a forklift or equipment fault we have not come across and successfully repaired time and time again. Our professional understanding spans from Diesel forklifts, Electric Forklifts, Gas and even Hybrid forklifts, to Manual Hand Pallet Trucks, Powered Stair Climbers, Access platforms, Reach trucks, Tow Tugs, and Side Loaders, just to name a few!


If you are looking to repair your equipment, or have it routinely maintained. We implore you to avoid cutting corners, or trying to “bodge” your own repair. We are only ever a phone call, or email away. You can contact us at any time, even just for advice or guidance on: 01708 861 414 or email in at: