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Acclaim Handling & Welland Power, A Customer for Over 8 Years.

Posted on 05 August 2019

Acclaim Handling & Welland Power, A Customer for Over 8 Years.


Acclaim Handling is pleased to announce that one of its long standing customers Welland Power, an international supplier of diesel generators has purchased yet another Hyundai forklift, further adding to their fleet. All the forklifts at Welland Power are supplied and maintained by Acclaim handling and these trucks have served the company well. the company is a current holder of the Queens Award for International Trade. Acclaim Handling has supported Welland Power with manual handling equipment for over 8 years, since they moved to their new premises in Spalding. Due to the large premise and requirement for a very high level of reliability, Welland Power decided to buy Hyundai, initially buying a Hyundai 70L-7A, 7 ton gas Forklift, then following this up with two smaller forklifts, a Hyundai 25L-7A and a Hyundai 35L-7A.
These trucks provide the needed capacity for the daily materials handling requirements. Running a single day shift, the business unloads HGV’s full of diesel engines and AC alternators – these can be huge, the biggest is a 61 liter Perkins diesel engine. 


Picture of a Hyundai 70L-7A Gas Powered Forklift  

Managing Director Charlie Farrow said: “The Hyundai Forklift we purchased initially has just been fantastic in dealing with all our heavy lifting requirements. Being able to use it inside it was important to us so we purchased a gas powered forklift, the Hyundai 70L-7A has an excellent lifting capacity even at a larger 800mm load centre. As you can imaging these engines are big, and that large load centre enabled this truck to meet our requirement, something many of the other forklifts we looked at failed to do. Using this size of truck really gave us the confidence to invest in more Hyundai trucks as our older units became less and less economical compared to a new Hyundai. Its also important that we partner with a business that offers excellent technical support, because any product you buy is only as good as the service and technical support you receive from the dealer.


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