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Posted on 06 September 2017
Its #Safetember the National Month of Forklift Safety    Safetember is an annual month-long safety campaign pioneered by the FLTA , focusing on the operational safety of forklift trucks. It runs through the whole month of September and aims to shine a light onto…
It's #Safetember! the National Forklift Safety Month
Posted on 25 July 2017
                  Forklift Engineer Recruitment As Acclaim Handling Jobs continue to grow and expand, we are recruiting forklift engineers across All 6 of our regional service centres in the UK; South Essex,…
Forklift Engineer Recruitment - Acclaim Handling Jobs
Posted on 07 June 2017
Forklift Fuel Types - Gas Vs Diesel Vs Electric   Looking for the ideal forklift for your warehouse or business? We've created this handy guide to help you best assess the forklift fuel types and which one is best suited for your application.     …
Forklift Fuel Types - Gas Vs Diesel Vs Electric
Posted on 03 May 2017
VNA Man-up Forklift Trucks have been proven to dramatically enhance a warehouse's ability to increase its pallet turnover.  With higher lift heights capable than any other comparable equipment (over 15 metres) and the ability to store and unload double-deep pallets, VNA…
VNA Man-up Forklift Trucks by Acclaim Handling
Posted on 12 April 2017
On March 4th 2017, Acclaim Handling was awarded the UK Forklift Dealer of the Year award by our industry governing body, The Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) for our contribution to the industry. The FLTA Awards for Excellence 2017 were presented across 10 categories by the…
UK Forklift Dealer of the Year - Acclaim Handling